Our process

Supporting your career

We're not just here to get you a job, we're here to understand your ambitions and find opportunities that match. We’re here to support you as you grow in your career, highlighting exciting new opportunities as they arise.

Finding new opportunities

Our consultants are great listeners, and based on what you say, they will present you roles that are most relevant to your skill set, personality and long-term career objectives. And because the majority of our clients work with us on an exclusive basis, you’re in the perfect place to access new job opportunities before they are released onto the open market.

Tailoring your application

Your recruitment consultant and your CV are the two biggest factors in making you stand out to a potential employer. We take the time to discuss your application in detail with clients, selling your strengths and ensuring they know the benefits you can bring to the role and their organisation. We then follow up by submitting a tailored CV, ensuring you are presented in the most favourable light possible.

Preparing for interview

Success in interviews all comes down to preparation. To ensure you are fully briefed, we spend time with you discussing the company and the role, sharing any additional insight and information we have available. We help you understand the client’s expectations, the ethos of the business and the exact specifications of the role.

Securing your position

Following interview, we will listen to your feedback and share it with the client to help inform the decision-making process. We can then negotiate terms on your behalf to maximise your earning potential and satisfy your long-term career objectives.


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