I have used Tim Cryer and Cryer Baker for many years and have been very impressed with the quality of candidates they submit, all thoroughly screened. Tim listens carefully to ensure he understands the brief and is very careful to ensure the candidates he submits have the correct skill set and culture fit. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Tim to any insurance business looking for an honest and reliable recruiter to supply staff.

SB Branch Director, Yorkshire

I like to use Andy a Cryer Baker when I have a recruitment need because he makes sure he understands the type of individual you are looking for, what the role entails and will only send forward CVs once he knows the potential candidate ticks all or most of the boxes. This has saved me a lot of time and has produced a high success rate.

Rob Chapman ACII Regional Director, Pen Underwriting – Yorkshire/North East

I contacted Andy when considering my next career move and I was extremely satisfied with his professional and personable approach. By listening to me, Andy made careful selections for me to consider, which led me to my current position. I would not hesitate in recommending Andy.

Andrew Long Senior Account Executive, South West

Andy was always my "go to" recruiter when I was needing to recruit (in a previous job). He took time to only present prospective employees who fully fitted the brief I had given him. He has many strong relationships in the insurance industry and I would not hesitate to recommend Andy whether I was recruiting or looking for a position myself. 

Denise Dixon Senior Commercial Underwriter/Operations Manager, Yorkshire

Having tried to deal with other agencies without being overly impressed, the experience of dealing with Tim Cryer was a breath of fresh air. Within days of our initial contact, Tim had 4 very suitable interviews lined up for me. Tim kept in touch with me regularly and assisted me throughout the entire process which was very much appreciated. Tim certainly stands out above any other recruiters I’ve dealt with.

NM Senior Ops manager, Leeds

Tim helped me find my current role as a senior account executive, I found him to be extremely professional and helpful throughout the process. He kept me up to date throughout the job search, only suggesting roles which he felt fit with my requirements and making sure he found a company with a good culture fit. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for a high quality recruiter who is dedicated to working to the highest possible standard.

KH Senior Account Executive, London

I was recruited to a major UK brokerage in August this year and would like to compliment the phenomenally high quality of contact, service and effort Tim Cryer went to for me. I would highly recommend his services to any business looking to recruit or individual looking to change jobs.

AW Account Executive, North East

Andy is one of the best recruiters that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. He took the time to understand my personality and the specific type of role that I would be suited to before speaking to his many contacts. His regular contact with updates was very refreshing in an industry where this is not the norm.

BN Account Executive, South Yorkshire

I have dealt with Tim Cryer and Cryer Baker for over 15 years, both as a candidate searching for roles and as a client looking for new hires and he has delivered a top notch service. The prep work is first class and the candidate can be confident that they are being sent to the right roles. Whilst the clients can feel assured that they are being sent quality and suitable candidates.

GM Senior Branch Director, Leeds

Met Andy via a cold call to see if I was interested in a role he was advertising for a top broker in the North West but on this occasion I did not require a new role - over the last few years Andy has kept in touch with regular contact and updates and been very professional, courteous and considerate with the contact - As a result I contacted Andy when I was in need of a new role - his response I don’t have any but let me find you one!! And he did! This is what you should expect as a recruiter, not only did he make the first move to initiate a mutual relationship, he kept the conversation current and refreshing and also when services needed he went out of his way to find me the right opportunity He seems to have a great rapport with most of the reputable UK Insurance Market and finds out what is needed for his clients and understands how to find a suitable role that is right for his candidates he has introduced me to the right role and I would highly recommend his outgoing, proactive but professional manner to anyone looking for an Insurance role - he has the background in Insurance and the presence to make a difference and I would not hesitate to speak to Andy again in the future!

Steve Jones Director, UK Global Group – North West

I have used Tim Cryer to assist me in my job searches on numerous occasions over the years and would not contact any other recruiter. Tim is incredibly reliable, well connected and honest. He speaks to the right companies, suggests the right roles and negotiates the best package. He also takes the time to ensure that the CV is written to the highest of quality; an accurate and dynamic refection of the candidate.


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